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For fans, by fans. Giving Metal the coverage it deserves in a modern time of social media and popular trends is somewhat rare. Fans of Metal often have to dig for news and releases through niche websites and dying magazines. Reminiscent of the time that Metal was a common theme on mainstream MTV, That's Not Metal podcast is bringing the news right to you, with all the talk that you would expect from a Metal fans.










2016 will be a year that is remembered as being great for metal. Such achievements as the throat ripping soundtrack developed for the 2016 game 'Doom' will never be forgotten.

Mick Gordon, the man behind this soundtrack attacks the airwaves with no holds barred. Below is a live performance of selected tracks from the soundtrack.
Resembling a full blown metal performance, Mick has truly treated the soundtrack will the full metal experience.




 One of the best tracks from the soundtrack is a memorable riff driven behemoth called 'BFG Division'.







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